Unified Communication System Support by ProjectsComm

Break Fix

Your communications infrastructure gives you the ability to run your business, without it your business ceases to exist.

But how do you support it, both proactively and reactively, to make sure it continues to work for you? Your IT people, often, are tied up dealing with the time-critical, service impacting issues that could impair your business. We offer businesses like yours Break/Fix packages that are entirely designed on what you need.

This is a be-spoke package, and you do not need to sign a Contract with us if you do not wish. Just pickup your phone and talk to our UC Engineers. Our Engineers are highly trained, highly skilled, and highly personable. They can offer advice, guidance, diagnostic support, fix solutions, and more. You can rest assured they know what they are doing.

We can provide you on-call support , break fix and raise TAC cases with Cisco and Microsoft.

Reasons to talk to ProjectsComm

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