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Architecture Review

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Unified Communication System Health Checks & Audit

Is your Unified Communication System performing for your business at its most optimum level?

Does your Unified Communication System meet your Organization and Sponsor’s needs?

You may not know the answer to that question, but do not worry, we can help. Our Consultants work with businesses like yours, to make sure your technology infrastructure is running the best way it can. Looking at factors including current design, reliability, scalability, support and cost. We can review your current IP telephony setup against the environment you operate in, making recommendations for improvements along the way.

The health checks and audits carried out by
our Consultants includes

It is more than likely; your business needs have changed since you first invested in your UC environment. And as a result, it is probably not being utilised as it should be. Just like a car, that has regular, planned services and MOTs, to make sure it is safe, reliable and working properly – a UC environment needs somebody to check it is doing its job properly too. After all, so much of your everyday business is dependent on your technology, so it is prudent to make sure it is checked by a team of skilled professionals.

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